The Australia Group Posts Dual-Use Equipment & Tech Control List

In May 2017, the Australia Group posted a control list of dual-use chemical manufacturing facilities and equipment and related technology and software on their website.

The Australia Group, established in 1985, is a voluntary and informal export control arrangement in which 41 countries, as well as the European Union, coordinate their national export controls.  The purpose is to limit the supply of chemicals and biological agents-as well as related equipment, technologies, and knowledge-to countries and entities that are suspected of pursuing chemical or biological weapons capabilities.

The May 2017 web page includes information related to the four main sections listed below.

  1. Manufacturing facilities and equipment
    • Reaction vessels, reactors or agitators
    • Storage tanks, containers or receivers
    • Heat exchangers or condensers
    • Distillation or absorption columns
    • Filling equipment
    • Valves
    • Multi-walled piping
    • Pumps
    • Incinerators
  2. Toxic Gas Monitors and Monitoring Systems, and their dedicated detecting components
  3. Related Technology
  4. Software

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