Drug precursor chemicals are often heavily regulated due to the threat of diversion from areas where they are stored and used for legitimate purposes.  GCSG has extensive experience designing, implementing, and auditing corporate precursor chemical compliance programs as well as those of third party precursor suppliers and customers.  Our program assessments and compliance audits are designed to ensure both compliance with the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) regulations and the adequacy of the site's security to prevent diversion.  

Featured services

Compliance Program Support

We offer drug precursor chemicals compliance program assessments, applicability determinations, regulatory interpretations, as well as policy, procedure, and work process development and implementation support. Depending on the client's needs, our assessments can be comprehensive or tailored.

Drug Precursor Training

We can provide our clients and their third party customers and suppliers with training packages that can be used with internal computerized training solutions or we can provide class-room training designed to educate your staff or third parties on precursor regulatory requirements.  

Third Party Due Diligence

GCSG offers varying levels of due diligence to help our clients ensure supplier drug precursor chemicals compliance as well as fulfill their required Know-Your-Customer requirements.  Options include third party screening, due diligence reports, and boots-on-the-ground precursor compliance and security audits.  


GCSG will conduct detailed internal audits of your DEA drug precursor chemical regulatory requirements, policies, transactions, and records.  Our audits are intended to assist you with ensuring compliance, discovering any gaps or potential issues before the regulators discover them, and to ensure the adequacy of the site's security to prevent diversion.  

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