Global Compliance Solutions Group LLC (GCSG) is headquartered in Louisiana, USA.  We provide international Advisory, Audit, and Due Diligence products and services for our clients across a range of industries in the areas of Anti-Bribery and CorruptionImport, Export and Customs ComplianceDrug Precursor, and Distilled Spirits Plant compliance. 

We guide and partner with our clients, wherever they are located, to solve challenging compliance issues.  Our strategic, innovative, and common sense approach provides solutions that enable our clients to operate in compliance with the law while facilitating efficient sales and trade. 

The GCSG team, among others, delivers compliance program assessment, development and implementation support, regulatory interpretation, internal and external international audit services, fraud investigation, and third-party due diligence and risk management services. 

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Our commitment

We strive to exceed our clients expectations by providing high quality compliance products and services while staying true to our core values of integrity, service and accountability.  Our focus on integrity and serving our customer's to ensure their satisfaction is at the core of what GCSG is about. 

What sets us apart?

  • All project leads have in-house experience

  • Only experienced professionals with the right skills assigned to projects (or we refer you to other qualified providers)

  • International boots-on-the-ground services

  • Experience with a range of company global footprints

  • Growing global network

  • Ability to adapt and scale to fit our clients needs

Our values


We conduct all of our business in an ethical manner, thereby protecting the integrity of our organization and ensuring no harm to our clients. 


We bring a service mindset to our clients so we can meet their needs in an efficient manner.  We encourage the same mind-set in our communities.    


We are accountable to our clients needs and we will conduct our business in accordance with applicable professional standards.


GCSG recognizes each company and business is unique from any other.  Factors such as the size of the company, the product risks, the geographic footprint, and the business structure should all be factored into the approach used to analyze and implement effective compliance programs and strategies.  GCSG personnel include Licensed Customs Brokers, Certified Fraud Examiners, and Certified Compliance & Ethics Professionals.  Our personnel have the required technical expertise, in-house and global compliance program experience as well as the international experience and relational skills to assist corporations with their U.S. and international compliance needs.

Our History

On March 1, 2019, GCSG celebrated its third anniversary. In our third year we more than tripled our client base, added more than a dozen new international partners to our global network, and launched a risk ranking tool to assist our clients with evaluating the risk of their third party relationships. We will continue to evolve as we realize our mission to be the compliance firm that provides the most value-added compliance products and services.