Companies are increasingly turning to acquisitions and to outsourced distribution, sales, and service providers to grow their businesses and access new markets.  Regulators are now, more than ever, holding companies accountable for the compliance failures of acquired entities and affiliated third parties.  As a result, the need for a documented, risk-based and multi-component approach towards the due diligence of third parties has grown in importance. 

GCSG's unique experience and product solutions can provide companies with the confidence their international third party relationships and acquisition targets are suitable partners.  GCSG has the ability to assess and develop your third-party compliance program, assign a relative risk score and audit your prospective third party relationships for potential risks that may result in financial exposure or reputational damage.  In addition, we will provide customized compliance training to fit your organization's needs.

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Featured Products 

Third-Party Risk Ranking Tool

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GCSG has developed an excel based risk ranking tool that enables us to assign a risk score to your third parties.  The tool can be customized to fit our client's specific business risks.  It is a powerful tool to help our clients establish a risk-based due diligence program. 

The tool relies on established commercial, trade, bribery, and other risk factors as well as our own internally developed entity specific questions to assign a risk score using our proprietary scoring methodology.  The third-party is then assigned a Low, Moderate, or High risk designation. Click here to learn more about the third-party factors being scored.

Due Diligence Reports

Our due diligence reports help you assess the suitability of a potential third-party in your sales or supply channel by screening against all major restricted party lists issued by governments around the world and by conducting local language online adverse media key word searches, litigation searches, and others.  Click here to learn more.

Featured Services


GCSG offers detailed on-site third-party audits to help our clients ensure their high risk third parties are not an unacceptable risk for their business.  Our third-party audits can cover a comprehensive range of compliance programs (anti-bribery and corruption, export controls, EHS, security, drug precursor and distilled spirits) or be tailored to a specific compliance program of concern.   


GCSG is able to provide our clients with customized third-party training packages to be used with your internal computerized training solution as well as in-person training designed to educate your internal staff or your third parties. 



GCSG can provide an internal assessment and benchmarking of your third-party engagement program and policies. We provide our clients with guidance on developing and implementing a third-party engagement policy, reviewing existing policies, and providing a quantitative risk ranking associated with engaging a potential third-party.      

Country Risk Profiles

GCSG has developed a risk-scoring methodology that uses a combination of publicly available factors along with our proprietary scoring methodology to score potential compliance risk at the country level. We provide our country risk profiles free. Click here to visit our country risk profiles web page and here learn more about the country risk factors being scored.

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