Establishing cross border flows can be a growth opportunity as well as a challenge for companies.  Increasing trade volumes together with heightened government scrutiny of cross border flows can combine to create challenges for your supply chain.  Effective management of global trade issues is critical to maintaining an efficient supply chain.  We collaborate with our clients to proactively manage the risks of global trade and improve their international trade compliance.

Our Trade Compliance (TC) Professionals

GCSG trade compliance professionals include former industry professionals and licensed customs brokers.  Our experience in the U.S., Europe and the Asia-Pacific region, assessing, auditing and developing trade compliance programs and delivering innovative solutions give's us a unique ability to conduct your program analysis and identify areas for improvement. 

Featured Services

Trade Compliance Program Support


We offer import, export and customs compliance program assessments, applicability determinations, regulatory interpretations, as well as policy, procedure, and work process development and implementation support.  Depending on the client's needs, our assessments can be comprehensive or tailored to their specific needs.


Trade Compliance Training

We can provide our clients and their third party customers and suppliers with training packages that can be used with their internal computerized training solutions or we can provide class-room training designed to educate your staff or third parties on TC regulatory requirements.

Trade Practice Services

Our offerings include:

  • Trade Compliance policy, procedure, manual development

  • Export licensing management

  • Sanctions compliance advisory support

  • Tariff and export classification

  • Preferential program management

  • AES, ACE, ISF support

  • Deemed Exports and Anti-boycott compliance

  • Transaction reviews

  • Automation solution review and selection


Due Diligence & Audit

GCSG offers varying levels of due diligence to help our clients ensure their third parties are not an unacceptable risk for their business.  In addition, we are able to conduct detailed internal and third party risk assessments and audits to ensure compliance with applicable import and export laws.   

Contact the professionals at GCSG today for more information on how we can assess, support, and audit your trade compliance program.