GCSG Audit professionals challenge assumptions and use innovative techniques such as data analytics to provide our clients with peace of mind while reducing risk, providing independent accountability, and helping to instill board and investor confidence.  Our international Audit services are available in many jurisdictions around the world and are primarily focused on import / export (Trade) ComplianceBribery and Corruption, Distilled Spirits Plant, and DEA drug precursor compliance and security.

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Organizations often focus their audit and assurance programs primarily on financial statements.  However, the value of an audit can be applied to many other aspects of an organization's business.  For example, violations of bribery, fraud, and cross border trade laws and regulations can result in reputational damage, loss of revenue, potentially millions of dollars in civil penalty assessments, and even criminal penalties. 


Presenting a comprehensive audit program to a Board, which includes the use of independent audits on non-financial aspects of an organization, will help to instill confidence in management decisions.   

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Data Analytics


The ever increasing volume and type of data that organizations accumulate, advancements in technology, sophisticated fraud schemes, and evolving compliance requirements require more sophisticated audit techniques.  GCSG Audit utilizes data analytics to sort through and identify anomalies in large volumes of data which helps to deliver smarter and more efficient audits and fraud investigations.

Third Party Audit

We provide boots-on-the-ground audits of our clients high risk third parties (such as distributors, sales agents, logistics service providers, and key suppliers) as one of the key elements to our third party risk management services.  Our third party audits can be focused on a specific compliance program or area of concern; and we also offer comprehensive audits which can cover several programs such as trade compliance, bribery, and EHS.

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