Our country compliance risk profiles (“risk profiles”) are intended for business, compliance and risk professionals concerned with governance, trade compliance, and anti-bribery and corruption compliance risks in countries in which they do business.

Each risk profile (see links below) provides a concise view of relevant legislation and the current environment. They are designed to assist professionals as they look to diversify their supply chains, acquire a new business, or improve their knowledge of a country they currently operate within.

Some of the risk profiles are drafted solely in-house and others are drafted in collaboration with our global network. Any drafted collaboratively will be clearly marked. Every risk profile incorporates a risk rating for each category and a risk score and rating for the country overall. The risk ranking is determined using our proprietary country risk-scoring tool that analyzes a combination of publicly available factors and then calculates and assigns a score for potential risk at the country level. Click here to learn more about the categories and individual factors being scored and our scoring methodology.

Country Compliance Risk Profiles

Southeast Asia

  • Vietnam - NEW

  • Myanmar (Burma) - NEW

  • Cambodia - 1Q 2020

  • Indonesia - Sept 29, 2019

  • Lao - 1Q 2020

  • Malaysia - Oct 6, 2019

  • Philippines - 1Q 2020

  • Singapore - 2Q 2020

  • Thailand - 4Q 2019

Eastern Europe

  • Czech Republic - 1Q 2020

  • Bulgaria - 2Q 2020

  • Hungary - 2Q 2020

  • Poland - 2Q 2020

  • Russia - 1Q 2020

  • Slovakia - 4Q 2019

North America

  • Mexico - 4Q 2019

South Asia

  • Bangladesh - 4Q 2019

  • India - 4Q 2019

West Asia

  • Israel - 1Q 2020

  • Turkey - 4Q 2019

East Asia

  • China - Oct 13, 2019

  • Japan - 2Q 2020

  • South Korea - 2Q 2020

  • Taiwan - 1Q 2020


  • Australia - 2Q 2020


Check this page often for new covered regions, new country compliance risk profiles, and for updates to existing profiles. Note: Africa, Central America, South America, and Western Europe will eventually be covered as well.

Contact GCSG for questions on our country compliance risk profiles or for more information on how we can support your international compliance and risk management needs.