The Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau (TTB) regulates the production, storage, processing, and distribution of ethyl alcohol.  GCSG has experience applying for industrial use Distilled Spirits Plant permits, applying for denaturant formula approval, designing and implementing DSP compliance programs and auditing to ensure compliance.    

Featured services

Compliance Program Support

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We offer industrial use Distilled Spirits Plant compliance program assessments, applicability determinations, regulatory interpretations, permit application support, and denaturant formula application support, as well as policy, procedure, and work process development and implementation support. Depending on the client's needs, our assessments can be comprehensive or tailored.


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We can provide our clients with training packages that can be used with internal computerized training solutions or we can provide class-room training designed to educate your staff on ethyl alcohol regulatory requirements.  



GCSG will conduct detailed internal audits of your TTB ethyl alcohol compliance program to ensure compliance with regulatory requirements and policies.  We conduct  onsite assessments, review procedures, transactions, and records.  Our audits are intended to assist you with discovering any gaps or potential issues before the regulators discover them.  

Supplier Due Diligence


GCSG offers varying levels of due diligence to help our clients ensure supplier ethyl alcohol compliance.  Options include third-party screening, due diligence reports, and boots-on-the-ground ethyl alcohol compliance and security audits.  

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