China announces launch of new anti-corruption system

In November 2016 the general office of the Communist Party of China Central Committee announced that a new anti-corruption system would be created to improve oversight efficiency.  A pilot program was launched in Beijing, Shanxi and Zhejiang provinces.

"Zhuang Deshui, deputy director of the clean government research center at Peking University, said, 'the pilots were chosen as a foundation for anti-corruption.  It is unusual to pilot reforms in Beijing, and this move reflects China's determination to press ahead with reform.'"(1)

The goal of the reform is to establish a national anti-corruption work agency, similar to the Corrupt Practices Investigation Bureau in Singapore.  The plan is to expand the scope of inspections and cover more types of public officials.

"Li Yongzhong, former deputy head of the Chinese Discipline Inspection Institute said, 'The current supervision system only covers the country's administrative organs...The new plan will make everyone on the government payroll subjects of the supervision committee, even those in public hospitals and schools.'"(1)

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