ISO 37001 Anti-bribery Management Systems - Gets Vote of Approval

On April 14, 2016 the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) announced the draft version of the new ISO 37001 Anti-Bribery Management Systems (ABMS) standard received a 91% vote of confidence. 

The ABMS "is designed to help organizations implement effective measures to prevent and address bribery, and instill a culture of honesty, transparency and integrity."   

The standard is intended to be used by small to large public, private, or voluntary sector companies.  The ABMS standard includes a few basic principles such as:

  • Adopting an anti-bribery policy
  • Appointing a person to oversee anti-bribery compliance
  • Training
  • Risk assessments and due diligence on projects and business associates
  • Implementing financial and commercial controls
  • Instituting reporting and investigation procedures

The standard is expected to be published in late 2016.

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