Weekly Compliance News - Around the World

GCSG's Weekly Compliance News feature is a compilation of some of the previous weeks interesting trade compliance, anti-bribery and corruption, fraud, and due diligence news bites, from around the world.

The anatomy of a scam: How far fraudsters will go to steal your money  | Ottawa Citizen

“Gone are the days a Nigerian prince would email you, promising untold riches in exchange for a small payment upfront. Today’s scams are more intimate. Fraudsters craft tailored messages and emails; fake identities; real world addresses for not-so-real companies; websites; phone numbers; a significant corporate presence online; multiple email addresses; and even apparent news coverage from reputable sources.” (Click here for the article) - Global, Canada

Why corruption matters in the EU elections  | Transparency International

“Over the next four days, citizens from 28 countries across the European Union (EU) will cast their vote in one of the largest democratic elections worldwide. With 751 seats at stake in the European Parliament and each Member of Parliament (MEP) poised to serve a five-year term, there’s a lot riding on these elections.” (Click here for the article) - European Union

How does someone get scammed into buying $160,000 in gift cards?  | Marketplace Morning Report

“How does someone get scammed into buying $160,000 in gift cards? Nordstrom goes small.” (Click here for the article) - Global

Trade War: What Chinese Entrepreneurs Really Think  | FINEWS ASIA

“As the U.S.-Chinese trade tussle weighs heavily in Asia, what do Chinese entrepreneurs truly think about the conflict? finews.asia asked an Asian family office.” (Click here for the article) - USA, China

How to Demonstrate Your Value as an Anti-Fraud Professional  | ACFE

“The biggest challenge people have when working toward professional advancement is understanding how to communicate the value their expertise and experience can bring to decision-makers. Whether it’s a new job, a promotion, or signing on a new client or customer, the message must be about how your expertise and value solve their problems.” (Click here for the article) - Global

New EU-wide whistle-blower rules approved  | GCSG

“On April 16, the European Parliament voted(1) in favor of adopting new European Union (“EU”) wide standards to protect whistle-blowers. The standards are designed to protect whistle-blowers that reveal breaches of EU law in areas of public procurement, financial services and tax, money laundering, product and transport safety, protection of the environment, food and feed safety, animal health and welfare, nuclear safety, public health, security of network and information systems, competition, consumer and data protection, fraud, corruption and any other illegal activity affecting the use of Union expenditures.” (Click here for the article) - European Union

Top 5 Cyber Security Threats for Executives  | Prescient

“High profile cyber incidents such as massive data breaches have become increasingly common across industries, especially in the past two years. Such events speak to the shift in perception for cyber crimes–from an overlooked and niche concern to a public, major security problem for organizations across industries. Everything from manufacturing, healthcare, and traditionally higher risk sectors such as banking and technology have been privy to such incidents. In the corporate realm, senior executives are primary targets of hackers, fraud and phishing scams due to their high level of access to valuable corporate information.” (Click here for the article) - Global

U.S. Terminates Turkey’s Preferential Trade Agreement, Reduces Tariffs on Steel  | US News & World Report

“The United States on Thursday terminated Turkey's preferential trade treatment that allowed some exports to enter the country duty free, but it has halved its tariffs on imports of Turkish steel to 25%.” (Click here for the article) - USA, Turkey