Weekly Compliance News - Around the World

GCSG's Weekly Compliance News feature is a compilation of some of the previous weeks interesting trade compliance, anti-bribery and corruption, fraud, and due diligence news bites, from around the world.

Anti-Corruption Raids on Property Linked to Brazil Ex-Foreign Minister | Yahoo News

“Brazilian police on Tuesday raided several properties linked to a former foreign minister, Aloysio Nunes, as part of a sprawling anti-corruption probe that has already claimed dozens of political and corporate scalps.“ (Click here for the article) - Brazil

How to Manage Reputational Risk | The ACFE

“As Warren Buffett once said, “It takes 20 years to build a reputation and five minutes to ruin it.” Reputation equals integrity and integrity equals social responsibility.“ (Click here for the article) - US

Despite Sanctions, Iran’s Oil Exports Rise in Early 2019 | Reuters

“Iran’s exports of crude oil were higher than expected in January and are at least holding steady this month, according to tanker data and industry sources, as some customers have increased purchases due to waivers from U.S. sanctions.“ (Click here for the article) - Iran, US

Investigation Planning - Preserving Evidence | Board and Fraud

“The planning phase of the investigation process should include the preservation of evidence.“ (Click here for the article) - US

EU Agrees Sanctions on Russians - Sea of Azov | EU Sanctions

“As foreshadowed, EU Foreign Ministers agreed to add a number of people to its Russia sanctions list in response to recent events in the Sea of Azov.“ (Click here for the article) - Europe, Russia, Ukraine

The Data Dump of 2.2 Billion Breached Accounts | CPO Magazine

“A massive 600 gigabyte file containing about 2.2 billion compromised usernames and passwords has been spotted floating about the dark web, freely available to anyone who cares to download it via torrent.“ (Click here for the article) - US