Weekly Compliance News - Around the World

GCSG's Weekly Compliance News feature is a compilation of some of the previous weeks interesting trade compliance, anti-bribery and corruption, fraud, and due diligence news bites, from around the world.

Anti-Corruption Risks: Global Enforcement Means Global Detection | Volkov Law

"Over the last year, we have seen the Justice Department and SEC’s international coordination efforts bear fruit. DOJ has expended time and efforts to train prosecutors and law enforcement on anti-corruption investigations and prosecutions strategy."  (Click here for the article) - Global

Iran Executes Businessman Convicted of Fraud, Bribery | AP News

"Iran has executed a businessman convicted of fraud, bribery and embezzlement."  (Click here for the article) - Iran

Vietnam Tested by Multinationals Seeking Trade War Detour to Avoid US Tariffs on China | South China Morning Post

"It looked like a one-off case in late 2016 when The European Anti-Fraud Office determined that certain organic coated steel products that originated in China had been shipped through Vietnam to avoid anti-dumping duties."  (Click here for the article) - Vietnam, China, USA

The Three Biggest Corporate Misconduct Stories of 2018 | GAN Integrity

"There was certainly no shortage of significant corruption and white collar crime stories this year."  (Click here for the article) - Denmark, Brazil, Malaysia, USA

Dealership Controller Embezzles $1.1 Million | Auto News

"When the controller of a Connecticut BMW store used embezzled funds to buy a car, she didn't opt for a 3 series or an M240i convertible."  (Click here for the article) - USA

China-US Trade War Providing a Business Bonus for SE Asian Exporters | BDP

"Shippers serving the US import market may have already begun voting with their feet and moving production out of China in response to the looming threat of a full-blown trade war between the world’s largest two economies."  (Click here for the article) - China, USA, Mexico, SE Asia, Vietnam

Empty Container Volumes Rise in US-China Trade War | BDP

"West Coast ports point to a strong holiday season and a rush to beat tariffs as reasons for near record-breaking import volumes in November 2018. "You’re seeing the opposite effect on the other side of the ocean," Port of Long Beach Executive Director Mario Cordero said in a press release."  (Click here for the article) - USA, China

Guatemala’s Uphill Battle Against Corruption | Fair Observer

"Guatemala’s history over the last century has been one of the most troubled, as well as most heavily influenced by foreign interventions, in all of Central America."  (Click here for the article) - Guatemala, Mexico, Colombia