Monday Compliance News - Around the World

GCSG's Monday Compliance News is a compilation of some of the previous week's interesting trade compliance, anti-bribery/corruption, fraud, and due diligence news bites, from around the world.

Brazilian authorities disbanding team that investigates mass corruption scandal | Washington Post

"Brazil’s federal police have announced that they are shutting down the task force behind Operation Car Wash, a behemoth corruption probe that has sent dozens of top politicians and business executives to jail." (Click here for the article) - Brazil

Oil exports, illegal for decades, now fuel a Texas port boom | NY Times

"In a twist that would have been unthinkable only two years ago, the oil tanker that arrives in China today may be carrying crude that left the South Texas port of Corpus Christi instead of Saudi Arabia." (Click here for the article) - USA, Saudi Arabia, China

Germany questions Siemens on equipment that made it to Crimea | WSJ

"The German government on Wednesday called on Siemens AG, one of the country’s biggest corporations, to explain how gas turbines it sold for use at a Russian power plant got diverted to Crimea, possibly violating European Union sanctions tied to Russia’s annexation of the Black Sea peninsula from Ukraine. " (Click here for the article) - Germany, Russia, Crimea, Europe, Ukraine

DOJ announces charges against 400 people for $1.3 billion in health-care fraud | Washington Post

"More than 400 people across the country have been charged with participating in health care fraud scams totaling about $1.3 billion in false billings, including for the prescription and distribution of opioids." (Click here for the article) - USA

Prominent New York politician's corruption conviction overturned | CNN

"A federal appeals court Thursday overturned the corruption conviction of former New York State Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver, who prosecutors claimed used his position as one of the state's most powerful politicians to amass millions of dollars in bribes and kickbacks.” (Click here for the article) - USA

USTR calls special session under US-Korea free trade agreement | Global Trade Magazine

"United States Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer yesterday, at the direction of President Donald Trump, formally notified the Republic of Korea that the US is calling a special joint committee meeting under the US-Korea Free Trade Agreement ." (Click here for the article) - USA, South Korea