Singapore Makes Changes to their Strategic Goods Control List

On September 4, 2018 Singapore Customs announced they have modified their Strategic Goods Control List.(1)  The changes, when they come into effect, will bring Singapore's strategic goods control list up to date with the 2017 Wassenaar Arrangement's Munitions List (2), and the 2017 European Union's List of Dual-Use Items.(3)  

The amendments include new controls, removal of controls, and other minor editorial changes.  Singapore Customs published a document with the changes noted in detail.(4)

The changes will become effective on November 1, 2018.


Singapore Customs issues new end user statement formats

On June 14, 2017 Singapore Customs issued new end-user statement (EUS) formats for Strategic Trade Scheme (STS) bulk permits and individual permits.  In the past, Singapore Customs had provided one format for both permit types.  Feedback Singapore Customs received about the diverse nature of the business operations of the two different permit types influenced them to issue the new formats.

All STS bulk permits must use the new EUS format immediately.  Individual permits are required to use the new format as of July 1.  You can submit questions about:

  • Bulk permits to:
  • Individual permits to:        

Singapore Customs Issues Best Practices Advisory Document

Singapore Customs recently issued an advisory document that included basic import requirements, common issues of non-compliance, red flags, and a list of some Best Practices.

Some of the Best Practices listed for traders included:

  • Request copies of the Customs permits taken up under your company name from your service provider
  • Request itemized invoice/receipts from service providers/consolidators
  • Report to Singapore Customs and/or relevant Competent Authorities on any discrepancy detected as appropriate
  • Ensure that your service providers/consolidators are aware of the permit conditions and comply with them accordingly
  • Ensure that the hauliers engaged comply with the requirement to produce the containers at the red lane for clearance, when directed to do so

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