GCSG launches new country risk profiles

Global Compliance Solutions Group LLC (GCSG) launches new country compliance risk profiles

GCSG distributes Vietnam, their inaugural country compliance risk profile – our risk profiles provide business, compliance, and risk professionals with a snapshot of relevant governance, trade compliance, and anti-bribery and corruption risks

PRAIRIEVILLE, LA – GCSG, a professional compliance management consulting company, today announces the launch of our new country compliance risk profiles (“risk profiles”).  The risk profiles are intended for business, compliance and risk professionals concerned with governance, trade compliance, and anti-bribery and corruption compliance risks in countries in which they do business.  Our first profile, being launched today is for Vietnam.   

In today’s global compliance environment, it can seem like an impossible task for business, compliance, and risk professionals to stay up to date with all the changes.  Amid this fast-paced environment and the recent trade wars some companies are looking to diversify their supply chains and others to grow through acquisition.  We deliberated how we could bring additional value for companies in these situations and decided on a free standardized country-level risk profile.  This approach will enable users to access our in-house and global partner network knowledge without having to formally engage us.  And then, as needed we can provide direct client support with our international advisory, audit and due diligence products and services,” said Jonathan Mellard, Founder, GCSG.

Each risk profile is designed to provide a snapshot of a targeted set of compliance risks within each country to assist the user with understanding the risks in that country as they look to diversify their supply chains, acquire a new business, or improve their knowledge of a country they currently operate within. 

Each risk profile provides a concise view of relevant legislation, risks, and the current environment.  Some risk profiles are drafted solely in-house and others are drafted in collaboration with our global network.  Every risk profile incorporates a risk ranking for each category and for the country overall.  The risk ranking is determined using our proprietary country risk-scoring tool that analyzes a combination of publicly available factors and then calculates and assigns a score for potential risk at the country level.        

We are excited to build on our client focused services with the launch of our free country compliance risk profiles because we believe they will bring value to the user,” added Mellard. 

Interested parties should periodically check our country risk profiles web page as we continue, over time, to add more profiles.

Access our Vietnam country compliance risk profile: http://www.globalcompliancesg.com/s/Vietnam-Country-Risk-Profile.pdf

Access our country risk profiles web page: http://www.globalcompliancesg.com/country-risk-profiles

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