Monday Compliance News - Around the World

GCSG's Monday Compliance News is a compilation of some of the previous weeks interesting trade compliance, anti-bribery/corruption, fraud, and due diligence news bites, from around the world.

Corruption Perceptions Index 2017 | Transparency International

"This year's Corruption Perceptions Index highlights that the majority of countries are making little or no progress in ending corruption..." (Click here for the article) - Global

US DOJ Files False Claims Act Complaint Against Pharmacy, PE Firm, and 2 Pharmacy Executives | The US Department of Justice

"The US has filed a complaint in intervention against Diabetic Care Rx LLC...two pharmacy executives...and a private equity firm..." (Click here for the article) - U.S.

Pakistan Avoids Inclusion on International Terror-Financing Watch List | Wall Street Journal

"Saudi Arabia joined Turkey and China in a move to block a U.S.-led attempt this week to place Pakistan on an international terror-financing watch list..." (Click here for the article) - Pakistan, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, China, U.S.

Compliance Needs to Adapt as Prosecutors Cooperate More | Wall Street Journal

"Greater cooperation among global law enforcement agencies to resolve corporate crime issues through settlements means companies need to be prepared to deal with a more complex set of rules..." (Click here for the article) - Global

UK Attorney-General Backs More Funding for Fraud Office | Financial Times

"The UK's attorney-general has backed more funding for the Serious Fraud Office to help it recruit top lawyers and reduce its reliance on "blockbuster funding" for handling big cases." (Click here for the article) - UK

Canada Customs Audits Reveal 66% Tariff Classification Non-Compliance | 3CE Technologies

"For the third straight year, CBSA published its list of trade verification priorities.  Tariff classification remains the agency's primary focus, with 1,267 companies being, or have recently been, audited for HS classification accuracy." (Click here for the article) - Canada