GCSG launches a new monthly newsletter

DECEMBER 11, 2016

Global Compliance Solutions Group LLC (GCSG) launches a new monthly newsletter

GCSG distributes their inaugural monthly newsletter, Compliance Solutions News, to provide compliance professionals with relevant Trade Compliance, Anti-bribery and Anti-corruption, and Due Diligence commentary and news  

PRAIRIEVILLE, LA – GCSG, a professional compliance management consulting company, today announces the launch of a new monthly newsletter entitled “Compliance Solutions News”.  The newsletter is intended for compliance professionals in the trade compliance, anti-bribery and anti-corruption, and due diligence fields.   

In today’s global compliance environment, the rate of change is accelerating.  It can seem like an impossible task for compliance professionals to stay up to date with all the changes.  Amid this fast-paced environment we are bombarded 24/7 with social media and email.  Knowing we are not the only source of information for our subscribers, we deliberated how we could bring the most value and in the least intrusive manner.  We settled on a monthly newsletter, a limited number of articles in each newsletter, concise article summaries, and a hyperlink to learn more for each article.  We believe this approach will enable our subscribers to receive relevant updates and to quickly determine if an individual newsletter or a specific article are of further interest,” said Jonathan Mellard, Founder, GCSG.

The newsletter is designed to provide relevant commentary and regulatory updates as well as developments at GCSG.  Each newsletter will also contain social media links, highlighted services, and other useful links. 

We are excited to build on our client focused services with the launch of our monthly newsletter.  We believe this newsletter will help our clients stay up to date with the fast-changing compliance arena,” added Mellard. 

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For more information about GCSG please visit: http://www.globalcompliancesg.com/about-us/

To subscribe to our Compliance Solutions News monthly newsletter please enter your email address where prompted “Submit your email to receive our newsletter and press releases” on our Contact us page: http://www.globalcompliancesg.com/contact/

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Global Compliance Solutions Group LLC

GCSG is based in Prairieville, Louisiana.  We provide Advisory, Audit, and Due Diligence services for our clients across a range of industries in the areas of Import, Export and Customs Compliance, Anti-Bribery and Anti-Corruption, Drug Precursor, and Distilled Spirits Plant compliance.  The GCSG service team offers expertise on compliance program assessments, development and implementation, audits, and acquisition and third party due diligence. We have the experience to move our clients forward with strategic, business practical and creative compliance solutions.   GCSG personnel possess the required technical and regulatory expertise, in-house compliance program experience as well as the relational skills to assist corporations with managing both their national and international compliance needs.